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The Michael Rose Orchestra, featuring its sensational new vocal group “The Rosebuds”, the Palm Beach’s consummate society dance band and swing orchestra, has delighted gala and country club audiences in South Florida for more than 25 years.

Reminiscent of the legendary bands of the forties, Michael Rose’s 17 piece ensemble has succeeded in bridging the gap of generations by including not only the music of the Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman era in his repertoire, but contemporary favorites like Latin, Disco and Rock.

A standout virtuoso trumpet player, bandleader Rose manages to capture the excitement of Harry James with his lilting mellow interpretations of the fabulous ballads of the jazz traditionalists. The band’s arrangements, a treasure trove of many famous band leaders’ libraries, also includes stunning renditions of the century’s greatest vocalists, and an amazing variety of Frank Sinatra classics.

With over 164 musicians to select from, Michael Rose Orchestra and Entertainment presents an array of music ensembles:


All are suitable for galas, conventions, private parties, weddings and other celebrations.  For booking information:

Telephone:  (561) 212-0020

E-mail:  info [at] michaelroseorchestra [dot] com